Join the 4-Month Accelerator and get your next program out of your head and into the world, making you money

You have been sitting on your idea for long enough

If you are dreaming of:

  • starting a podcast
  • writing a book
  • creating a new program or course 
  • having all your social posts done ahead of time (so you never have to scramble at the last minute)
This is for you (apply now)

Waiting is a Problem 

Every month that goes by that you don't create the next big thing in your business is another month your ideal client is searching for you without finding you.

Not only are you leaving them hanging—along the with the money they want to pay you to help them—you are also letting your most unhelpful beliefs drive your business.

Beliefs like:

"I don't have time"

"I am not creative enough to do this"

"Books/podcasts/social media are just too hard for me right now"

"Someday I will do it, when I am not so stressed"

The more you subscribe to some version of these thoughts the more overwhelming and time consuming you will make it all seem, and you will never get it done.

What Happens Inside The Accelerator?

Vision Roadmap

Start strong with a 2 hour virtual retreat with Erin and your small group.

Together we will get your project clear and mapped out faster than you could ever do alone.

You will leave this first session inspired and ready.

Fire-Starter Working Sessions

It's time to bring the vision to life. These 12 hour-long working sessions are where you will create your project with the support of Erin and your peers.

It's like an accountability group only 10x more fun and effective.

World-Class Coaching From Someone With Experience

When you learn new ways of working there are always roadblocks.

Master Coach Erin Aquin will help you bust through them with 12 live group coaching calls.

The Secret To Success

 A Note From Erin:

When I tell people I have built a multiple-six figure business in a few years, working only 20 hours a week, they tell me it sounds like magic.

In some ways it is. It's mindset magic.

The secret to this, and what you will learn inside the accelerator, is mastering the art of creating business assets quickly and without drama.


  • podcast episodes written, recorded and released in hours instead of days
  • your next program or mastermind written, filmed and making you money in weeks instead of months
  • all your social media locked and loaded at the beginning of the month instead of sinking hours a day trying to think of something to say online
  • the rough draft of your book in your editor's hands 4 months from today

When you learn how to create compelling and valuable content easily, you can use it to build trust with your people before they work with you, and deliver results that will turn them into life-long clients and supporters.

I am ready. Tell me more

Your Guide:

Erin Aquin is a Master Certified and Deep Dive Life Coach who has helped hundreds of Coaches and entrepreneurs stop overworking and create their "True Love Business".

She is the author of three books and the host of the popular Love and Success Podcast.

Erin's approach helps you partner with your intuition and create the program or book that you have inside of you, drama-free and in record time.

If you are ready to access your inner magic and design the business of your dreams you have found your Coach.

What Is Included?

  • 2 hour virtual visioning retreat with Master Coach Erin Aquin to dial in your vision and map out your program/course/book
  • 12 x 60-minute Fire-Starter Working Sessions to create your program or offering
  • 12 x 60-minute small group Coaching sessions with Erin help you stay focused and inspired
  • BONUS GIFT: The Love + Success Formula program - learn how to stop overworking and start using your intuition to design a more aligned business and life (a $1997 value) 

This 4 month accelerator will support you to get your project out into the world and change the way you get creative things done, forever 

*Hint: Get excited, you are about to save so much time, energy and heartache WHILE you make more money*

The Program Guarantee

It is easier to create success when you are working on content that is aligned and meaningful to you.

This program is designed to help you complete your next project in 4 months or less using a proven process.

BUT what happens if don’t complete your agreed-upon goal in 4 months?

As long as you have been attending the calls and following the program showing you are committed, so are we.

And if that means you need a few extra weeks of coaching or working sessions, you will get it.

If you don’t quit you can't fail.

Apply Now

One last thing...

Waiting to create the next big thing in your business feels safe, but we both know it is holding you back.

The longer you wait to get started on the project that could change everything, the harder it will be to actually do it.

I have worked with entrepreneurs and Coaches for years and I have watched countless people waste time, energy and money "getting ready to be ready" to make a major move in their business.

After they learn the process and get coached to create and launch their program, podcast or book, they always tell me they wish they had learned this sooner.

Don't let the doors to the program close and kick yourself for delaying your dream (again).

Instead spend four months with me working in a way that is much more aligned with you and your vision.

Become the CEO of your True Love Business that is making money and helping your clients.

You have something beautiful to offer the world, let's bring it to life.

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