Learn Step By Step How To Get What You Want In Your Relationship Without Ultimatums Or Arguments

If you're feeling resentment towards your partner and powerless to change your relationship, you're probably MISSING the tools I'm about to REVEAL in this masterclass.

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There is a secret to getting your partner to listen to you and take your needs seriously.

If you feel storms of resentment and anger more than you'd like, you are not alone.

The good news is this class will teach you what is at the root of those negative feelings so you can finally get what you want in your relationship.

Join author and Master Certified Coach Erin Aquin to learn a simple, effective method to get your desires met without drama.



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Discover the same process Erin uses with her one-to-one clients to help them ask for and get what they want.

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You won't just learn ideas, you will build your action plan for getting what you want.

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You will discover:

  • The real reason you don't yet have what you want in your relationship, and how to use that as motivation to get it
  • The hidden sources of tension and stagnation in your relationship so you can release them and have more love and connection
  • How to ask for things you want without feeling guilty or selfish 
  • How to get your desires met, even if your partner doesn't support you or share your dreams

Life is too short to wait for someone else to make your dreams come true

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